10 Things you should know about hearing aid batteries


10) If the hearing aid battery door is closed and making contact with the battery contacts, the hearing aid is most likely on and draining the battery.  To help eliminate battery drain and have your batteries last longer, turn off the hearing aid or open the battery door.

nofridgehrpost9)  Keeping your hearing aid batteries in extreme heat or extreme cold (even putting them in the refrigerator) can drain the power of the batteries and shorten their life span.  Room temperature is best.

8)  Hearing aid batteries come with a little sticker or tab on them.  The color of the tabs indicates the size of the battery (for example, yellow tabs are size 10 batteries, brown tabs are size 312 batteries, orange tabs are size 13 batteries, and blue tabs indicate size 675 batteries).

batteries HR post7)  Once you remove the colored tab from the battery, it starts to drain and lose power.  Do not remove the tabs from your batteries until you are ready to insert them into your hearing aids.  The batteries are zinc-air and they are activated by the air.

calendarhrpost6)  Hearing aid batteries usually last from 4 days to 3 weeks…but it greatly depends on the type of hearing aid, the size/type of battery, and the amount of hearing aid use.  To track your hearing aid battery life/use, put the tab from the battery onto your calendar the day you insert the new battery into your hearing aid.  (Be sure to mark it L for left or R for right if you have two hearing aids).  This will give you an accurate picture of how long your batteries last.

5)  Most hearing aids will beep or make a noise to indicate that the battery is about to die or is low on power.  Ask your hearing healthcare professional if your hearing aid signals a low battery so you are aware when you need a new battery.

4)  Exercise caution when purchasing batteries at drug stores or big box stores.  Oftentimes stores will run a “special” or a sale on batteries that are about to expire and the prices are still fairly high.  Expired batteries may still work in your hearing aids, but they will be losing power and will not last as long as a fresh, unexpired battery does.

3)  Hearing aid batteries are toxic to humans and pets, so store accordingly.  Keep them in a drawer or cabinet where they are out of reach of pets and children.  If you or someone you love accidentally ingests a battery, contact your emergency room immediately.  I would also caution you against changing your hearing aid batteries at the same time you take daily pills/medication.  It sounds crazy, but multiple patients have mixed up the two as they are similar in size.  Again, if you accidentally swallow a battery, seek medical attention immediately.

2)  If you are going to not wear your hearing aid for an extended period of time, do not store the hearing aid with the battery inside of it.  The battery can leak acid and corrode the inside of the hearing instrument.

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