Getting used to hearing aids


When a patient gets hearing aids for the first time, they get to experience the world in a way they may have never heard before. All the sounds and experiences they have never heard or have not heard in a long time come back into focus. For some this is a relief but for others, it can be overwhelming.

Most hearing care providers recommend two to four weeks before a patient comes in for adjustments. During this time, a patient may have trouble blocking out less important noises they may have not been able to hear before. This includes re-learning how to speak at a comfortable volume and getting used to the sounds their body makes, like swallowing.

The best way to get a patient used to their hearing aids is to have them wear their aids an hour at a time, several times a day. This will help their brain recognize the differences in their hearing and starts the work of blocking out background noise. It is also recommended that patients try out their aids in different environments and noise levels to start training their brain and getting their hearing “in balance”

While it does take some time to get used to their new aids, after a few short weeks the patient will be able to enjoy all the benefits better hearing aids has to offer. It also allows for a proper assessment of how the aids are working and where levels might need to be changed in follow up appointments with providers.

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Michal Varga