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Hansaton Accessories Tech Review

If you have Hansaton hearing aids, there are a couple of different options you have as far as accessories are concerned.

The eMote2 is a standard hearing aid remote control.  It is wireless and has the capability of changing the volume of the sounds you are hearing as well as the ability of changing programs/settings.

The eMote 2

The i-Com2 is another accessory that Hansaton offers to it’s patients…the i-Com2 is Bluetooth compatible, so you can pair your Hansaton hearing aids with your cell phone, a land line, a television, or external sources like your MP3 player or CD and DVD player.

I-Com 2

One of the features I really like about Hansaton hearing aids is that the remote technology and the Bluetooth technology is available at all the levels of technology; other manufacturers may make their higher end products Bluetooth compatible, but do not enable Bluetooth in their more basic hearing aids.  Therefore, the i-Com2 and the eMote2 work with the AQRechargeable line, as well as the Auriga, Veneto, and Lumeo products.

Check out these devices from Hansaton today!

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Dr. Kristin

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