Hansaton AQ Rechargeable Series Tech Review


Today I’d like to discuss an innovative solution to hearing aids and battery issues from Hansaton!  Many people have such difficulty with batteries, opening and closing the doors, taking the sticky tabs off the batteries and getting them in where they go.  More still have visual problems that can make changing batteries nearly impossible.  Dexterity issues can make changing your hearing aid batteries a nightmare.


Hansaton has designed the AQ Rechargeables line of hearing aids.  With the AQ Recharg, you place the hearing aids in the device each night when you go to bed and take them out in the morning and they are charged.  There is no battery door, there is no battery.  All there is is the hearing aids and the charging device, which makes these the most environmentally friendly hearing aids on the market today!

The AQ technology comes in three different levels:  The AQ First, the AQ Business, and the AQ Comfort.  The AQ First has 16 channels, the Business has 12 channels, and the Comfort has 8 channels.  They are Bluetooth compatible and a remote control is optional as well.  The AQ also comes in different sizes; it is available in custom, so you have the option of getting an in-the-ear or in-the-canal, but it is also available in the new “Slim” style, which is a behind-the-ear, as well as in the X-mini style, which is their receiver-in-the-canal style.


Hansaton AQ Recharg

The AQ Recharg hearing aids communicate with one another; one ear talks to the other ear to provide a synchronized hearing experience with balanced sound and great speech intelligibility, even when you are in a noisy, crowded place.  They also analyze your environment constantly, making it easier to listen to a conversation while there are competing sounds occurring.

The charging station is simple to use…just place the instruments in the charger at night and go to bed knowing you will wake up to fully charged hearing aids.  In addition to charging the hearing aids, the charger also dries out the instruments.  The charger has an easy to read display that shows the next time the hearing aids should be serviced.

For the sake of convenience, check out the Hansaton AQ Recharg line…you won’t be disappointed!


AQ Recharg (Comfort)

AQ Recharg (Business)

AQ Recharg (First)


Until next time…..


Dr. Kristin