Accord 2c 12 by Rexton


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This Hearing Aid Includes:
  • 3-year warranty, including loss & damage (deductible applies)
  • 1-year supply of batteries included with purchase
  • 30-day evaluation period
  • No-interest financing available

*All prices are per hearing aid.


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  • Channels: 24
  • Programs: 5
  • Adaptive Directionality: YES
  • Auto Program Switching: YES
  • Bluetooth Compatible: YES
  • Feedback Suppression: YES
  • FM Integration: NO
  • Remote Control: YES
  • Speech Enhancement: YES
  • Toggle/Button Control: YES
  • Transient Impulse Control: YES
  • Frequency Lowering: NO
  • Telecoil: YES
  • Tinnitus Masker: NO
  • Digital Noise Reduction: YES
  • Directional Microphone: YES
  • Direct Audio Input: NO

*Only available on some models

Hearing Aid Styles Available:

  • BTE
  • O-F
  • ITE
  • ITC
  • CIC


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