Hearing Revolution Adds Oticon to Product Offerings


Hearing Revolution is proud to announce the addition of Oticon hearing aids!!  We feel that offering our patients a wide variety of multiple manufacturers better serves their needs, so the full and complete line of Oticon instruments is available for your perusal.

Oticon hearing aids have long been known in the industry for their terrific sound quality, connectivity abilities, and power.  More than a century old, Oticon continues to create innovative new products that are streamlined to fit all lifestyles and hearing losses.

Alta is Oticon’s newest, most sophisticated line of instruments.  Alta boasts speech clarity, directionality, dimensionality, and connectivity.  Available in a multitude of styles and colors, this hearing aid has something for everyone!  The Alta line of instruments starts at $2575.



The sound processing on the Oticon Agil “works with your brain to organize, select and follow the sounds and voices you want to hear and ignore competing background sounds.”  Agil is available in a number of custom styles, as well as behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-canal styles.  The Agil line of instruments starts at $2575.

Oticon’s Acto hearing aids communicate wirelessly with one another to reduce unwanted noise and to maintain speech.  Check out the Acto to improve the sounds you need, but to provide the comfort you want.  The Acto line of instruments starts at $1625 and are available in a number of styles and colors.

Intiga is a wireless Invisible-in-the-Canal or RIC style instrument that is very small and stylish, one of the smallest in the world!  There are three different levels of technology available for the Intiga instrument, as well as a multitude of color choices for the housing on the unit…you can even get purple!  The Intiga line of instruments starts at $1595.


Need a power instrument for a severe to profound hearing loss but don’t want to deal with a giant battery?  Try the Oticon Chili…a slim but powerful hearing aid that can connect with your devices as well as help you engage others.  The Chili line of instruments starts at $1495 and is available in a BTE style.


Last but not least, Oticon has the Ino line.  Ino is an automatic hearing aid available in a full range of styles…fewer bells and whistles than some of the other produts, Ino provides the amplification you need while minimizing background sounds.  The Ino line of instruments starts at $1495.

Call for more information about Oticon hearing aids and pricing; schedule an appointment near you today!