Introducing the Oticon Ria and Ria Pro


New from Oticon is the Ria, an entry level instrument that is built on the same platform as the very popular Oticon Alta line and Nera line.  Ria boasts a number of useful features at an affordable and economical price to the patient.   There is no longer a sacrifice of features for a more appealing price point.

Oticon is pleased to offer Binaural Synchronization on the Ria line, which is advantageous for people in busy, dynamic environments who have difficulty understanding speech in noise.  The binaural feature has long been offered in Oticon’s mid and premium level instruments, and now it is available in the entry level instrument as well!  Binaural synchronization also helps listeners to experience a more balanced sound, which helps with understanding conversations.

Directional microphones are available in the Ria line as well and the addition of Free Focus Essential gives the listener the tools he or she needs to help have better signal to noise ratios in complex listening environments.  Free Focus Essential directs the hearing aids to switch between directionality on the instrument, which helps support listeners in difficult listening environments.

The Ria incorporates Oticon’s terrific Inium feedback processor, so gone are the days of worrying about annoying or embarrassing whistling!  Oticon is at the head of the pack when it comes to feedback reduction; the algorithm in the hearing aid does not sacrifice the fidelity of the signal, so the wearer is able to have a clear, feedback free sound, even in challenging situations.

The Ria is available in a variety of styles, colors, choices, and powers.



IIC, CIC, ITC, Half Shell and Full Shell



Hearing Revolution offers the Ria Pro for $1475 per aid and the Ria for $1275 per aid.  Call today to schedule your free hearing evaluation!