Looking for the Siemens Micon hearing aids but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?


Search no further!  Hearing Revolution is offering a more affordable solution to the Siemens Micon line of instruments.  We are offering Siemens technology through our Hansaton and Rexton products, complete with the ability to hear effortlessly in many different listening situations.

Antaro by HansatonIf you are looking for the 7mi, we have two comparable hearing aids for you to consider.  We have the Hansaton Antaro and the Rexton Strata 2c 18 and Finesse 2c 18.  Hansaton’s Antaro is based on their new XearA platform, and offers signal processing in up to 40 channels, improved speech intelligibility, Sound Restore, and a revolutionary new directional microphone and noise reduction system.  The Antaro also offers connectivity for Bluetooth devices.  From Rexton, we have the Strata 2c 18, which has 36 channels and up to 6 programs.  It boasts unrivaled sound quality, connectivity, and a small, cosmetically appealing size.  We offer the Antaro for $1895 each and the Strata or Finesse for $1995 each.  (Compare with an average price of $2899 per Siemens Micon 7).

If it’s a mid-level instrument you are seeking (Siemens 5mi), Hansaton offers the Inara, while Rexton offers the Strata 2c 16 or Accord 2c 16.  Comparable to the 5 or 501 line of instruments from Siemens, this advanced level of products has many of the premium features listed above, minus the High Definition Directionality and Bandwidth.  The Inara is available for $1695 and the Strata and Accord are available for $1595 each. (Compare with an average price Inara by Hansatonof $2399 per Siemens Micon 5).

To compare with the Siemens 3mi, Hearing Revolution is happy to offer the Rexton Strata 2c 12, with 24 channels and up to 5 programs.  The most “entry level” of the new Siemens technology, we offer the Strata 2c 12 for just $1395! (Compare with an average price of $1949 per Siemens Micon 3).  For this price, you receive a high quality instrument with a multitude of features to help your communication needs.

Hearing Revolution looks forward to hearing from you today!