Nera: an affordable solution, new from Oticon!



The Oticon Nera is a new mid-range product that is built on the same chip platform as the Oticon Alta, but in a slightly more scaled down, less expensive model.  Nera is great for people who are looking for an advanced level hearing aid that has a stellar sound quality and many of the same features as the premium level products.

Nera can be purchased as custom instruments, behind-the-ear instruments, or receiver-in-the-canal instruments, so they are available in all styles.  They are appropriate for many different levels of hearing loss as well, from mild losses to severe or profound losses.  One of the unique features Nera has is called the YouMatic Advanced, which is a personal automatic system used to program the client’s individual needs and sound preferences.  YouMatic controls the sound processing across multiple environments.

Another feature Nera uses in binaural fittings (two hearing aids) is called Spatial Sound Advanced, which helps to convey more of the natural characteristics of a physical environment and the origin of the sounds within it.  The feedback shield is a new hybrid model that combines multiple technologies without sacrificing audibility or quality!

Many models of Nera have wireless connectivity, so using accessories and connecting with your media devices is easier than ever!  To read more about this feature, click here <link to blog about connectline>

One frequently asked question is “How do the hearing aids do when they are exposed to humidity or debris?”  Nera has a proven mehanical design that features multiple seals to prevent water, dust, or debris from getting inside.  They are nanocoated to repel water and moisture!  If you live in a hot and humid climate where you have had issues with your hearing aids breaking down, Nera might be for you

For an affordable yet technologically advanced product, call Hearing Revolution and ask about the Nera today!