New From Siemens: Binax Hearing Aids with BestSound Technology


Binax is the newest addition to the Siemens line of hearing instruments.  Binax is “the world’s first technology that outperforms normal hearing” and is receiving rave reviews from hearing aid wearers.


Two studies recently done at the University of Northern Colorado have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in difficult listening environments, such as a cocktail party situation.  This is great news for people who have long struggled to hear and understand in the presence of background noise.  While the binax cannot completely repair or replace your hearing, it is the most innovative product on the market today!


The binax is available in receiver in the canal style instruments, as well as in a version with a tinnitus masker if you suffer from ringing in the ears.  The instruments work together (if you are wearing two of them, of course) and all 8 microphones form a network.  This network is extremely sensitive of the acoustic environment and also works automatically to offer the best binaural listening experience.


Binax wearers are encouraged to use Siemens binax app which allows the wearer to adjust the directionality of sound in noise, or to hear speech from all directions.  The app is compatible for both Android and iOs users, so no matter what kind of smartphone you have, binax will work for you!  Even more exciting is that binax is extremely energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries as often as you with a competitor’s similar smartphone compatible product.


Call today for pricing and to find out more about Siemens new Binax hearing aids!

Doctor K