Oticon OPN wins Edison Award for innovation and product development

OPN Blog Photo

The Oticon OPN series recently received an Edison Award for “innovation and excellence in product development”, furthering the OPN’s status as one of the best hearing aids available.

In recent years, hearing aids have become better at more closely adapting to their users. Using smart phones or other devices, a user can adjust various settings based on their preference. While these developments have been a positive, there is still some room for improvement.

With the OPN series, Oticon brings new adaptability to the aid market.

Instead of blocking out sounds, the OPNs all have “BrainHearing™ technology”, which uses an ultra-fast sound processor to quickly manage multiple noise sources, making things easier on the brain. Users will no longer have to struggle to hear at parties or restaurants and can now be attentive in conversations and switch focus easily.

Oticon has fitted the devices with a new wireless communication system that uses less battery power than previous systems while streaming. Users can also connect their OPNs with the Oticon ON app on any smartphone to adjust volume, switch programs and check battery level.

In addition to the Edison award, the OPN series won two CES Innovation awards in November, joining the list of hearing aid that are being recognized by the broader electronics industry.

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Mark McNeillie