Oticon’s ConnectLine Streamer Pro


Whether you are interested in or already have Oticon hearing aids, you may want to consider a ConnectLine Streamer Pro to complement your purchase.

streamerproThe ConnectLine Streamer is a Bluetooth device that pairs with the hearing aids in order to allow the listener to tap into cell phones, televisions, computers, and most all sources of audio-based information.  With the ConnectLine, the sound from your device is sent directly into your hearing aids/ears so you can hear everything binaurally (in both ears).  Per the Oticon website, “The Streamer turns a pair of hearing aids into a small wireless headset.”

The Streamer Pro is worn around the neck and is the gateway to the ConnectLine system.

The Streamer Pro has three buttons on it for the core applications of the device: one for the phone, one for television, and one for microphone.  Most any audio source can be transmitted to the hearing aids through the Streamer Pro by use of a wireless Bluetooth connection or a mini audio jack cable.

Oticon has developed an intuitive and easy to use product in the Streamer Pro.  It can be used for streaming up to 8 hours before the battery will need to be recharged, it has rubber edges for a comfortable grip, and best of all, the Streamer Pro is compatible with all wireless Oticon hearing aids.

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