Product Spotlight: New From Hansaton: Antaro and Inara


Hearing Revolution is excited to offer two new instruments from Hansaton!  The Antaro and the Inara are both available for purchase from HR for $1895 apiece.   These exciting and innovative new products are based on Hansaton’s new XearA platform.

X: Xpress Fit with Connexx 7

E: Extremely Flexible

A: Audiological Trendsetter

R: Revolutionary Signal Processing

A: Acceptance and Benefit

The Antaro and Inara are both available in an Open Fit style (the Mini) or a Receiver-in-the-Canal style (the X-Micro or X-Mini).  The X-Micro uses a tiny 10A battery while the Mini and X-Mini take a 312 battery, so the instruments are small and discreet when behind your ears.

Some of the new and updated features on these cutting edge Hansaton products include the following:

  • Sound Restore, which shifts high frequency speech sounds into a more audible range
  • Automatic Speech Beam and Natural Sound optimizes hearing comfort and speech comprehension
  • Conversation Lift raises speech further above the noise than standard hearing aid directional microphone systems
  • Situation Optimizer is used to categorize input and adapts to all situations
  • Feedback X eliminates feedback without artifact

The Hansaton Inara and Antaro are both premium level instruments; the Antaro has 18 adjustable channels and the Inara has 16 adjustable channels.  The instruments are extremely flexible and work for all types and configurations of hearing loss.  The design of the product protects against corrosion from moisture and humidity, and also has a very effective wax protection system.  Multiple sizes of domes are available, easy to click on and off of the receiver or tubing, and custom molds are also available at an additional charge.  Both Inara and Antaro offer Active Wind Block to help eliminate annoying wind noise when you are enjoying time outside with your friends and loved ones.  These new products from Hansaton are a terrific value; all the bells and whistles on the instruments make them a premium product with an attractive price tag.  Ask about Hansaton today.

If your old hearing aids are on the fritz or you’re interested in learning about new technology and how it can help you hear better, call Hearing Revolution for an appointment to have your hearing checked…stop saying “WHAT?!!??” and start living!

Until next time,

Dr. Kristin