PSAPs now available on Hearing Revolution!


Apollo Handheld 2Remember our last blog about what a PSAP is?  Now PSAPs are available through Hearing Revolution.  As I mentioned before, PSAPs can be an inexpensive alternative to a hearing aid if your hearing loss is mild and you’re just having difficulty in certain situations, like one on one conversation or hearing the television.  PSAPs are basic amplifiers that have a limiter or governor on them to ensure they do not reach a dangerous loudness level to damage your hearing.

At this time, Hearing Revolution is proud to introduce two Personal Sound Amplification Products: the Comet (available for $295 per instrument) and the Apollo (available for $250 per instrument).  Check back soon for a “Compare and Contrast” Blog that explains the differences between the two devices.

Not sure if a PSAP is right for you or if a hearing aid is a better option?

Here is a quick and easy Frequently Asked Questions guide that may help you determine if you are ready for a PSAP or a Hearing Aid:

What is the difference between this device (PSAP) and a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is programmed specifically for your hearing loss, while a PSAP is a basic amplifier

I’ve been told that I need a hearing aid…will the PSAP help me?

Single Comet 2It may help you in some situations, but it would be better to get a hearing aid if that has been recommended and you can afford to do so.

Can I adjust the sound on this device?

Yes, either by changing the different settings by pressing a button or by adjusting a volume control.

What is the battery life?

Comet: 3-5 days

Apollo: 10 days-2 weeks

What is the warranty?

Comet: 90 day factory warranty

Apollo: 90 day factory warranty

What is the return policy?

Comet: no returns permitted, due to hygiene concerns

Apollo: 30 day money back guarantee