ReSound Unite Accessories Tech Review

Choosing hearing aids is only part of the buying process; you will also want to decide if you are interested in purchasing accessories to accompany your new devices.  Technology has improved significantly in the past 3-5 years, and the options you have are much better than they used to be.

Today we are going to talk about the accessories that work with ReSound hearing aids, specifically with the Alera series and the Verso series of instruments: the Unite Accessories.  The accessories (aside from the remote) are designed to help you hear things outside of the hearing aid, without having to wear a device around your neck.

The remote control is used to discreetly control your hearing aids from a distance.  It allows you to change the programs and the volume of the instruments.  There is a display on the remote that is easy to read and it helps give you confidence as to what setting you are using, at what volume level.  Remote controls are also great for people who have issues with dexterity, as it is easier to handle the remote and see what buttons you are pushing as opposed to trying to locate the control buttons on a hearing aid.

The Phone Clip will connect to your Bluetooth-enable cell phone in order to have the sound from it directly streamed into your hearing aids.  It is clear and easy to understand without feedback, and you are able to hear your phone call in BOTH ears.  The Phone Clip is the size of a matchbox and can clip to your clothing or a visor in a car.

The television streamer sends a clear signal from your TV, computer, stereo, or other audio devices directly to your Alera or Verso hearing aids.  The TV streamer can be activated by your push button or by the remote control, and it sits ready-to-use next to your TV or other audio source.  It will transmit sound for up to 7 meters away, and your hearing aids can be connected to up to 3 streamers at a time.

The Mini Microphone transmits speech directly to your hearing aids, as it is a clip on microphone…this makes one on one communication in difficult listening situations (like a noisy restaurant or a large group meeting) easy and comfortable.  It can also function as a personal audio streamer and pair with an iPod or laptop, or for watching TV when you travel; just place the microphone in front of the TV speakers.


While accessories are not the right choice for everyone, many people do enjoy their benefits and the technological convenience of having them.  Whether you select one or all, you will work with your hearing healthcare professional to maximize the settings for your listening situations and communication needs.

Until next time……


Dr. Kristin