ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ Tech Review


ReSound has come out with a new Phone Clip for the Verso and Alera lines of hearing aids.  I blogged about it briefly a couple of months ago, but now that it has been on the market for a bit I am happy to share some more information about it!  Both Apple and Android systems have FREE apps that can be downloaded to work with your smart phone so that you can adjust your hearing aids for volume or programs directly from your mobile device.



Purchase a Unite Phone Clip+ and have your hearing healthcare professional pair it with your hearing aids via the ReSound fitting software.  After that has been completed, you can go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “ReSound Control”…this can be done on either your mobile device or your PC/laptop.  Download the app, then use Bluetooth pairing to pair your hearing aids with your mobile device or computer.



The white bars you see when you open up the ReSound app are used to indicate the hearing aid volume.  There are blue bars in the middle of the white bars if you are streaming information from another device, and they indicate the volume of the streaming information.  At the bottom, the green microphone is a mute button (it should be noted that the mute function is available for the Verso line of instruments but not for the Alera line of instruments).

The “Link” button in the lower right corner is where you can manage whether or not the Phone Clip+ is linked to anything, and also whether or not it is streaming to the right ear, the left ear, or both ears.

The button in the upper right corner (not pictured here) is a square with three small white lines across it.  That is the menu button; it will show you the program your instruments are currently in as well as what other listening programs are set on your hearing aids.  You can also view the devices that are paired to your aids.



If you are a technologically savvy individual, or you like gadgets, or you just plain think this sounds like a great idea, you are NOT alone.  People are raving about the Phone Clip+ and so pleased that technology is advancing to a place where you can use one device to control others.  I’m sure other manufacturers will follow suit!  Call Hearing Revolution to find out more about the Phone Clip+ today! For only $180, how could you go wrong?


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin