ReSound Verso Hearing Aids: What People Are Saying


ReSound Verso Hearing Aids are selling like hotcakes around here, around there, and around everywhere!  As a regular poster over on multiple hearing aid forums and websites, I like to read what everyone has to say about the new products on the market.  The response I have seen to the Verso line is second to none. Read The Review

Verso Lineup

From a wearer:

“My Verso 9 hearing aids are the best purchase I’ve made in a long time!”

From an audiologist:

“I went to a training seminar for the Verso and even though I am a die-hard Phonak fitter, this Verso is VERY cool.  It blends the great sound quality of ReSound and programming flexibility with a very advanced, fully automatic, binaural processing system.”

From other wearers:

“I have had several other big name hearing aids, but I was always unhappy with the sound quality of music.  If you are a music lover, Verso hearing aids are the way to go!”

“Noise does not sound on the same plane as voices and it’s easier to differentiate between a voice that is close up and one that is further away.  If I was going to say what the best thing is about these hearing aids, it would be that.  I can now stand in a group of people and talk to different people who are standing at different distances from me, and identify which person has which voice.”

From a Hearing Healthcare Professional:

“The Verso 9’s most significant addition is Binaural Fusion.  There can be significant benefits to their method of handling directionality.”

From a wearer:

“I’ve worn another ReSound product for 2 years and recently switched to the Verso.  I immediately noticed a difference.  The Versos are crisper and more defined.  Music is much better.  Speech is more natural and better articulated for me.  I am very happy with the Verso devices and Phone Clip.” Phone Clip Review

Take some time to look around our site today and learn more about the ReSound Verso line.  It is a great product that is changing the industry.  If you or someone you love is looking for an innovative instrument with superior sound quality, contact Hearing Revolution today at 1-877-426-0687!

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