ReSound Verso Tech Review


Earlier this week I was able to attend a training seminar for a new product: the ReSound Verso.  ReSound has developed an upgrade on the Alera product line and I have to say…the results are quite impressive, and the sound quality is phenomenal.


Verso has introduced a new concept of Binaural Fusion, where technology is used to mimic natural hearing does; the pair of instruments work together to pick up all the sounds around you, balance and clean the sound, and balance what you hear.  The result is a clear and very accurate sound that is more natural than many other hearing aids on the market.  The Verso hearing aids virtually “talk” to one another, share data, and analyze the surrounding environment so they can respond appropriately for volume and programming changes.
The new Music Mode setting does a great job of preserving the tones and nuances of music, and the result of that is amazing sound quality.  No longer will hearing aid wearing music lovers have to suffer through tinny or metallic sounding concerts or recordings; listening to music through the Verso is a real treat!
Worried about squealing, whistling, noisy hearing aids?  With ReSound’s Digital Feedback System Ultra II, it’s not an issue.  DFS Ultra II detects feedback before it even starts.  The Verso hearing aids target reduction of ONLY the feedback sound, not by reducing loudness or clarity for the entire frequency range.
Some of the things that make Verso great and easy to use are the PhoneNOW feature, the Comfort Phone feature, and the iSolate nano-tech coating.  ThePhoneNow feature automatically sense when a phone is near the instrument and switches to a special phone program.  It can be customized for the patient’s listening preferences.  The Comfort Phone feature detects when the phone is placed near one hearing instrument and turns down the volume in the other instrument to make listening on the phone easier.  The iSolate nano-tech coating protects the instrument components from moisture, oil, and debris, both on the inside and on the outside.  This will drastically reduce the number of repairs on the hearing aids, as moisture is very damaging.
Verso hearing aids have wireless capabilities and can be connected with remotes and Bluetooth accessories in order to round out your listening experiences!  Another great feature about the Verso is that it is available in all shapes and sizes to fit all shapes and sizes of hearing loss.  From a very tiny IIC (invisible-in-the-ear canal) style up to a power BTE (behind-the-ear) and every style in between, most everyone is a candidate for a Verso!
I listened to the Verso all day and found the sound to be pleasant, not tinny or harsh, and very clear and rich.  I would highly recommend taking a look at the ReSound Verso for your future hearing aid needs; it does not disappoint.


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin