Rexton’s New 2C (Twin Core) Technology


Rexton’s New 2C (Twin Core) Technology

Every so often, a manufacturer steps up to the plate and hits one out of the park…much like the Cardinals and Dodgers have been doing in their series this past few days.  Rexton has hit one out of the park with their new Twin Core technology which is now available in their new product line.  The Finesse, The Accord, and The Strata are the new instruments available through Rexton and Hearing Revolution, so let’s discuss what makes them special and a cut above the old product line.

The Twin Core product line truly has something for every hearing aid wearer; there are custom products, Open Fit products, Receiver in the Canal products, and standard or power Behind the Ear products.  Twin Core has added a High Definition speech processor, increased connectivity for today’s technologically advanced world, and a frequency transposition component for people who have extremely poor hearing in the highest of frequencies.  The 2C line is geared towards people who are looking for hearing aids that cater to their busy lifestyles.

Let’s start with the Strata, which is available at three different technology levels.  The Strata 18 has 36 channels and 6 programs, the Strata 16 has 32 channels and 6 programs, and the Strata 12 has 24 channels and 5 programs.  The Strata is Rexton’s RIC aid.  The patient has a telecoil, the option to have rechargeable batteries, a remote control and/or Bluetooth system, as well as datalogging and sound smoothing.

rexton strata 2c

The Finesse is the high-end BTE or custom fit product.  It has 36 channels and up to 6 programs, and all of the features in the Strata 18 are present in the Finesse 18, depending on what style of instrument you select…for example, CIC and ITC styles of aids may not be able to have a telecoil or connectivity due to size constraints.  The Accord is similar to the Finesse in that it can come in either a BTE or custom product, but it is available only as a mid-range instrument (Accord 16 has 32 channels and 6 programs) or as an entry level product (Accord 12 has 24 channels and 5 programs).  The same size/style limitations also apply.

Call Hearing Revolution to ask about our high-quality hearing for an affordable price.  Pricing for the new Rexton line starts at $1395 and goes up to $1995 per instrument, so contact us today!