Siemens Accessories Tech Review


Technology is important, and Siemens knows it!  They have created a line of accessories to pair with their hearing aids and they are able to offer their wearers many options when it comes to direct streaming from phones, televisions, computers, and much more.  Siemens also offers remote controls as well.


First on the list to discuss is the Siemens miniTek.  The miniTek works as both streamer and remote control, and syncs your hearing instruments with all of your audio devices.  This one small device transmits audio input to both of your ears/hearing aids in stereo, and is the ONLY wireless solution on the market that can pair with CIC style hearing aids.  The miniTek can pair with up to 5 devices.  It will wireless stream from your phones (cell phones or home phones), television, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players or iPods, and it also can be used with Direct Audio Input (DAI) and telecoils.  All of your favorite and important devices can be heard directly through your hearing aids in stereo!



Don’t want to draw attention to yourself during your business meeting by turning up your hearing aids manually?  That’s okay! No one will notice this next device.  Siemens has designed the ePen as a very low profile remote control!  Simply slide the pen open and use the discreet controls inside to adjust your volume, select a different program, or turn the hearing aids off completely.  As an added bonus, you can actually use the ePen to take notes during your meeting as well!


Siemens ProPocket

If you’re not interested in the ePen but would still like to control your hearing aids from one easy-to-use device, then the Siemens ProPocket remote is a good solution for you!


The ProPocket is small in size but the buttons are large and easy to see and push.  The Pro Pocket can be used to adjust the volume of the aids, change programs, turn the hearing aids on and off, and can also activate the low power consumption mode.  It fits easily in a purse or pocket.


Siemens eCharger

The Siemens eCharger is the last device we will discuss today.  If you would like a more environmentally friendly option than disposable batteries, then the eCharger might be right up your alley!  The Siemens eCharger uses rechargeable hearing aid batteries.  Simply place your hearing aids in the charger at night and put them back in your ears again the next morning…it couldn’t be easier!  No more fiddling with the batteries and pulling off the sticky tabs.  The eCharger is a great solution for those patients who have dexterity issues or vision issues as well.


As you can see by the accessories above, Siemens has made an effort to be both technologically savvy and environmentally friendly all at the same time.  Call Hearing Revolution today to learn more.


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin