Sonic Bliss Tech Review

Are you wishing, and hoping for your hearing aid experience to be positively BLISS-full?  If so, then look no further…Sonic Innovations has the solution for you!  Hearing Revolution is proud to start offering the Sonic Bliss line of instruments.

At Sonic, their philosophy is “Speech is King” and the sound quality of the Bliss 100 and Bliss 80 prove that they have succeeded admirably.  The key to this is their patented Speech Variable Processing which focuses on preserving the nuances of speech, making soft speech audible and comfortable without the loud parts of speech sounding harsh.  Speech is always prioritized over noise to ensure that conversations are clear, while the directional microphone systems help to reduce annoying background sounds.




The Bliss line of instruments is fully connected, meaning that you will be able to utilize all of Sonic’s terrific accessories.  The hearing aids can be paired with cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, computers, and televisions, so you will never be without wireless access.  To read more about the Sonic line of accessories, click HERE.




The Bliss is available in all sizes of custom instruments, from the CIC up to a BTE style.  The custom aids all have a power option on them so that even people with moderately-severe to severe hearing losses can enjoy the discretion of wearing a small custom hearing aid.

Bliss is easy to use and is smart as a whip.  It has a state of the art feedback manager to help you feel secure that you will not have annoying or embarrassing whistling coming out of your instruments.




Three different types of Noise Reduction make the Bliss one of the most aggressive and competitive hearing aids out there.  Impulse Noise Reduction helps to suppress loud, unexpected types of sound, like jangling keys or the backfire of a car.  Soft Noise Reduction reduces low level, continuous sounds in your environment, like a humming refrigerator or the noise from a fan.  The third type is Wind Noise Reduction, which helps to prevent wind sounds from being amplified by the hearing aids.

Rest assured, the Sonic Bliss line has it all…there really is something for everyone!  For more information call Hearing Revolution to schedule an appointment today 877-426-0687 , or email us at


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin