Sonic Flip Tech Review

Earlier in 2012, Sonic Innovations launched an innovative new product called the Flip.  The Flip is a mini Receiver in the Canal (RIC) instrument with a terrific sound quality and many great features, as well as taking a size 13 battery instead of the standard RIC battery size of 312.  The case is designed so that you don’t have to fumble with a tiny battery door and you are able to dump the battery out of the hearing aid or easily set it inside.

Flip uses a new, special Speech Variable Processing system, as well as the Speech Priority Noise Reduction, both of which are designed to provide a very natural, clear sound.  They also both help with speech intelligibility in background noise, which is one of the many complaints of hearing aid wearers: they can hear well in quiet, but when they go into noise, they have much difficulty or cannot understand.  Speech is always the highest priority in Sonic Innovations’ hearing aid design, so the Flip works hard to differentiate speech from noise.


One of the things about Flip that wearers are very pleased with is the fact that they have both a program button AND a volume control on the instrument that can be adjusted manually.  Flip also boasts binaural coordination, meaning that the hearing aids are able to communicate with one another.  If the wearer changes the program or the volume on one hearing aid, it will automatically adjust the other.

Not only is the Flip tiny, user friendly, and hardworking, it also is technologically savvy!  The Flip is Bluetooth compatible, meaning that it can easily pair with your cell phone, computers, laptop, or any other audio device.  A remote control is another optional accessory that is available.

Another feature of the Flip is the auto telephone feature, which means that the hearing aid automatically switches to the phone program when you pick up a telephone.  When you remove the phone, the hearing aid goes back to normal function.  This is much more convenient than having to press buttons on the hearing aid to answer the phone and then to switch it back!

If you are searching for a small, sophisticated hearing aid that can do it all and then some, then the Flip would be an excellent choice for you.  It couples technology with great sound quality and is very simple and easy to use.  You won’t be disappointed if you pick the Flip!


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin