Sonic Innovation Accessories Tech Review


A few weeks ago, we discussed the new hearing aid from Sonic Innovations: the Flip.  You can check out that blog HERE

The Flip hearing aids are compatible with several different accessories that will help to maximize your listening experiences.  The SoundGate (pictured below) is the gateway between the Flip hearing aids and outside audio sources so that sounds are transmitted from the devices into the hearing aids, wirelessly.  One of the advantages for the SoundGate is that it can connect with any external audio source that uses Bluetooth technology!  The SoundGate can also be used as a direct audio input, or as a remote control.

Sound Gate

Sonic Innovations also offers a TV adapter that can be connected to the output audio jack on your television.  The SoundGate will stream the audio sounds from the television directly into the Flip hearing aids, which eliminates bothersome environmental noise and room acoustics of listening to the television normally.  The TV adapter is simple to use and provides you with a clear signal.

TV Adapter

Another very useful device is the Phone Adapter, which give you a wireless link between landline phones and the SoundGate.  Many people have difficulty hearing on the phones with their instruments; it’s one of the most asked questions we audiologists get in the clinic.  “I can hear on my (cell phone/landline/cordless phone/work) phone, but not on my (cell phone/landline/cordless phone/work) phone.”  While a lot of instruments have been Bluetooth compatible with smart phones for a few years now, this is a solution that allows you to connect wirelessly to landlines.  The results and response have been phenomenal.

Phone Adapter

If you are not into all the “techy” stuff like Bluetooth and TV adapters and phone adapters, you do have the option of purchasing a standard remote control that is able to adjust the volume levels, change the program, or mute the hearing aids.  It is called the RC-P and is also available by Sonic Innovations for use with your Flip hearing aids.

RC-P Remote

There are a multitude of options when it comes to accessories these days; whether you choose all of them or none of them is up to you, but keep them in mind if you have specific activities where you are struggling to hear.  The Flip hearing aid line has plenty of options for one and all!

Until next time….

Dr. Kristin