Sonic Innovations Groove Tech Review


The newest trend in hearing aids and hearing aid technology is the advent of the teeny tiny CIC, also called the IIC, or the Invisible-In-The-Canal.  Some companies and instruments have to be surgically implanted in your ears, but others are a smaller, tinier version of the CIC…like the Sonic Innovations Groove.


The Sonic Innovations Groove has 24 channels for processing sound, as well as four levels of noise reduction.  The Speech Enhancement will make conversations clear as a bell.   Although it’s very small, it’s mighty and has the ability to meet your listening needs!  Most appropriate for hearing losses at or below 70 dB, the Groove is small and discreet; no one will know you are wearing a hearing aid!

Tired of your hearing aids squealing at you with feedback or beeping at you because the batteries need to be changed?  Sonic Innovations has designed their own Adaptive Feedback Canceller to help reduce annoying feedback.  They have also designed Voice Alerts to tell you when your batteries need to be changed instead of playing an ambiguous beeping noise at you.  Patients have been most pleased with the Voice Alerts on the hearing aid, as it eliminates much confusion.

Unlike similar instruments that must be surgically implanted or removed each time a battery needs to be changed, Groove is removed every night just like a regular hearing aid.  Patients love that it looks and feels and sounds so natural.  Since the Groove fits so deeply in the ear canal, there is not pesky wind noise, and no difficulty talking on the telephone.

The Groove is designed to fit down in the second bend of the ear canal.  Many people will want the Groove because it is cosmetically appealing, but not everyone will be a good candidate for it…some peoples’ ear canals will be too small or too curvy or too waxy for a hearing aid to fit inside of it, or to wear continuously.

A great alternative to the Lyric or the SoundLens, the Groove is low profile, yet does not require the copays and doctor’s office visits to have it removed or implanted.  It runs on regular hearing aid batteries that can be replaced by the wearer himself.  While it will be important to clean the Groove regularly, as it may have a tendency to get clogged up with wax, it is something the wearer can again do himself/herself.


Until next time…


Dr. Kristin