Sonic Innovations Varicom 9 Tech Review


Sonic Innovations has introduced Varicom 9 to the world, and Hearing Revolution is happy to have it readily available!  The Varicom 9 is Sonic’s new Bluetooth enabled custom fit in-the-canal (ITC) or behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.  While Sonic introduced the Flip hearing aid several months ago HERE, it was available only in the receiver in the canal style.  Now there is a custom solution for those of you out there who prefer ITC or standard BTE fittings.

The Varicom 9 is no stranger to technology.  The circuitry boasts wireless connectivity, noise management (four levels), wind noise monitor, adaptive feedback canceller, automatic programs, up to four manual programs, an environmental optimizer, a live music program, auto phone, data logging, data learning, and binaural coordination.  The hearing aids are very smart and will automatically adjust for background sounds, as well as trying to maximize speech signals rather than ambient noises.

Sonic Innovations also uses its patented Speech Variable Processing to ensure that speech is clear even when someone is speaking rapidly.  The Varicom 9’s are tiny little super computers that preserve the nuances of speech and make it sound natural and clear for the listener.

The Varicom 9 is compatible with all of the Sonic Innovations accessories, such as the SoundGate  Bluetooth system, the TV adapter, the Phone adapter, and the remote control.  To learn more about how these products work, see the blog about them HERE.

No matter which model you choose, with Varicom 9 you will feel connected to life!


Until next time,


Dr. Kristin