Sonic Pep 20 Tech Review

During this difficult economic time, many people cannot afford to pay top dollar for a high-end hearing aid.  Thus, manufacturers have risen to the challenge to provide the industry with more budget-friendly options to meet the increasing need for more affordable hearing health care.  Sonic is no exception; they have developed their Pep 20 hearing aids with this in mind!


The Sonic Pep 20 is an affordable $1195 through Hearing Revolution.  It comes in several different styles: Power BTE, BTE, directional ITC, non-directional ITC, and a CIC.  The Pep uses Sonic’s patented Speech Variable Processing to help maximize the speech signal, even in noise.  It also has Noise Reduction in all models, for both adaptive noise and soft noise.  The feedback canceller stops the problem of pesky, squealing, annoying feedback before it even occurs.  The Power BTE and BTE can be used with FM or DAI devices as well.

Sonic Pep 20

As Sonic says, “Pep is ideal for the first-time user and for patients with basic hearing needs.  All the essential features are designed to improve listening comfort and to improve overall hearing ability are included, along with standard features for patient convenience”, which sums up Pep in a nutshell.  Not a lot of bells and whistles, but enough features for the instrument to work well in basic listening environments.   If you are looking for great value for your money, check out the Sonic Pep 20 today!

Until next time,

Dr. Kristin