Water Resistant and Waterproof Hearing Aids


Back in the day, even a few drops of water could kill a hearing aid in short order.  Today we have water resistant and waterproof hearing aids to help people who have active lifestyles or who enjoy certain activities that have been off limits for hearing aid users in the past.

Some companies, like ReSound, offer a nanotech coating on their products.  That means that the case of the instrument and/or the components inside is protected by chemical compounds resistant to water and oils, which are the substances that do the most damage to hearing aid components.



Nanotech iSolate by ReSound is able to coat all interior and exterior surfaces of the hearing aids, lessening the number of repairs per instrument…damage and corrosion from moisture is one of the major things that cause hearing instruments to fail and need repair.  The material used to do this is hydrophobic and oleophobic (aka water resistant and oil resistant).  This coating shows resistance to mechanical wear and tear, so it is not going to break down over time leaving your instrument unprotected.  Nanotech makes hearing aids water resistant but not entirely waterproof, so it is great for people who play athletics, sweat profusely, or live and/or work in humid conditions.

For a fully waterproof hearing aid, we offer the Siemens Aquaris.  It can be fully submerged into water repeatedly.  The Aquaris can be worn while swimming or showering, or even a day at the beach (although you may want to be cautious in the waves because one could easily take your hearing aid out to sea!)  The Aquaris is only available in a behind-the-ear model, but it is great for kids and adults alike!


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Dr. Kristin