What is a loop system and how does it work?


A hearing loop system is an assistive listening device that helps people with hearing aids and telecoils to hear the sound from a source (television, microphone, speakers, etc) directly through a magnetic signal that will broadcast to the telecoil in the hearing aids. Many theatres, places of worship, auditoriums, and courtrooms are hardwired with loop systems to make it possible for hard of hearing persons to hear and participate. The loop system technology has been around for over 70 years but has recently made a comeback in the United States after having been popular in Europe for a number of years.

This sign lets you know the facility offers a loop system to help you better hear the actors, music, speakers, production, or movie.

How is this possible? These facilities have the induction loop built into the floor or the walls, so when you sit within the circle or loop and turn your hearing aid to the telecoil program, the sound is magnetically transmitted into your hearing aid giving you a clear sound free of background noise and other interferences from traditional hearing aid microphone pick up. More and more places are using loop systems, including transportation terminals (bus stations, train stations, subways, airports), banquet facilities, auditoriums, reception desks, ticket counters, court rooms, and sports facilities. Loop system technology has made these nearly impossibly difficult listening situations more friendly to the hearing impaired.

Loop systems are not just for the public anymore, though. They can also be purchased for home use to help the hearing impaired more easily enjoy television and music in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a loop system solution for $240 that is very easy to install in your home and provides excellent sound quality. It is small enough to be easily portable, or you can leave it permanently installed at your favorite, most comfortable spot to listen or watch television.