Widex Hearing Aids Now Available!

widex hearing revolution new hearing aids low cost

After many requests from patients and hearing care professionals alike, Hearing Revolution is proud to offer the Widex line of hearing aids!  Widex offers a full line of high quality instruments to fit a variety of hearing needs.


The Widex Dream is the newest and most versatile Widex line of instruments.  Available in all styles from a completely in the canal (CIC) to behind the ear (BTE) to receiver in the canal (RIC), the Dream allows the human voice to come through the instruments to enhance listening in most all environments.  Not only is the Dream available in a multitude of styles, it is also available at four different levels of technology to fit all price points and listening needs.  The Dream line also offer tinnitus masking Zen, so patients who suffer from annoying tinnitus may find some relief from these instruments.  The Dream instruments are wireless and Bluetooth compatible as well.  The Dream instruments start at $995 per instrument.

widex hearing revolution new hearing aids low cost

The Widex Clear is also available in a number of technology levels and styles of instruments.  The previous generation to the Dream, the Clear is the first Widex line to wirelessly communicate between left ear and right ear, which helps the hearing aids to adjust instantly depending on the listening environment.  The tinnitus solution Zen is also available on the Clear line, as are a number of Bluetooth accessories.  Clear is available at three different levels of technology.  The Clear instruments start at $1395 per instrument.


The Widex Mind comes in custom styles and also BTE and Open Fit styles.  The first generation of the Zen tinnitus masker, the Mind comes in three different technology levels to suit a variety of hearing losses.  The Mind has a feature called Smart Speak which verbally notifies the wearer to change batteries or to alert him as to which program he is listening.


Check back soon for an informative and educational overview about the Widex Bluetooth DEX accessories!

Juliet Meyer