Signia Active Hearing Aids

Introducing Signia Active, a hearing aid in a completely new form factor

The all-new Signia Active hearing aids take the form of discreet earbuds, while incorporating Signia’s breakthrough signal processing technology, optimized for hearing in a wide variety of environments.   The Signia Active Difference While looking like a regular Bluetooth earbud, Signia Active is tailored directly to wearer’s unique hearing loss needs, making the wearer’s hearing…


Researchers have found a delicious way to slow down the rate of hearing loss

Researchers have released a new study about the relationship between chocolate consumption and hearing loss. Initially, doctors in Korea hypothesized that eating chocolate could protect against both hearing loss and tinnitus. To explore this hypothesis, they evaluated data from 3,575 middle-aged participants (aged 40-64) in regard to both their hearing health and chocolate consumption. They…