Oticon Dynamo SP 10


Dynamo super power hearing aids

Hear more speech detail with Oticon’s most innovative super power hearing instrument to date.


Discreet design for comfort

Dynamo is a slim and powerful hearing aid.

Dynamo is available in seven colors. This gives you the freedom to choose which best complements your skin tone, hair color and personal style.

Begin the process by calling 877-426-0687. We will facilitate your initial appointment that includes a complete hearing evaluation at no charge.

Included with every hearing aid purchase:

  • Hearing Aid fitting
  • 60-day evaluation period
  • 1 year of follow-up service*
  • 2-year supply of batteries, up to 128 cells per hearing aid
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty, including repair, loss and damage

With Dynamo, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology makes spoken sound more understandable; preserves the clarity of speech; and delivers sound in the way your brain, with its unique hearing profile, is best able to understand it. The result is a hearing experience that is better than anything you’re used to. Hear more, understand more, and enjoy life more … with Dynamo.

Would you like to order Oticon Dynamo SP 10?

Call us at (877) 426-0687

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*Routine services during 1st year are with original provider. Any services during the 1st year that are not administered by the original provider are subject to charges at the provider’s discretion