Styles Available: RIC, BTE

Pure 7 Nx


Equipped with all benefits of the new Signia Nx platform, Pure™ 7 Nx keeps the wearer’s own voice and remaining soundscape in perfect balance. This way, it offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance in a small, elegant housing.

The unique laser edge antenna design delivers the smallest possible size for Bluetooth-based direct streaming and remote control via the myControl App without compromising on the highest hearing performance.

Plus, TeleCare 3.0 lets your customers enjoy full live remote support and fast, smooth trials.

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Technical Details

Channels 48
Programs 6
Adaptive Directionality Yes
Auto Program Switching Yes
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Feedback Suppression Yes
FM Integration No
Remote Control Yes
Speech Enhancement Yes
Toggle/Button Control Yes
Transient Impulse Control Yes
Frequency Lowering Yes
Telecoil Yes*
Tinnitus Masker Yes
Digital-noise-reduction Yes
Directional Microphone Yes
Direct Audio Input Yes*
Hearing Aid Styles Available RIC, BTE

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