Styles Available: RIC

Styletto 3

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It’s time to transform the image of hearing aids

Hearing aid design has always been heavily influenced by the coin cell battery shape. Even today’s most attractive behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are almost identical to one another because of this design influence. The primary change over the years has been to make these devices smaller and more discreet, but their basic style has remained the same.

Signia is taking a new approach to drive acceptance of visibility with the introduction of Styletto.

Discover the unique, beautifully designed Styletto. Signia’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid combines style with convenient on-the-go rechargeability and high-tech hearing powered by the Signia Nx platform.

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Technical Details

Channels 24
Programs 6
Adaptive Directionality Yes
Auto Program Switching Yes
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Feedback Suppression Yes
FM Integration No
Remote Control Yes
Speech Enhancement Yes
Toggle/Button Control No
Transient Impulse Control Yes
Frequency Lowering No
Telecoil No
Tinnitus Masker Yes
Digital-noise-reduction Yes
Directional Microphone Yes
Direct Audio Input Yes
Hearing Aid Styles Available RIC

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