The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT™ has changed the game to deliver a more pure, natural sound. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, they create an artificial sound.

But now you can hear every moment like you used to.

Built to last

WIDEX MOMENT™ is designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage.

You’ll welcome advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones, and smart engineering.

Since there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak into, resulting in our most durable hearing aid yet.

Smallest rechargeable ever

Widex managed to fit all the benefits of the WIDEX MOMENT™ platform into the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market.

You can rest easy knowing you’ll always have the power you need in a discreet hearing solution. Plus, you’ll never have to struggle with hearing aid batteries.

Widex Moment 110


Widex Moment 220


Widex Moment 220


Widex Moment 220




Delivering a sound this natural forced WIDEX to rethink how sound could be processed in a hearing aid.
We spoke to WIDEX Innovation Team Manager Adam Westermann who helped create WIDEX MOMENT™ and its revolutionary PureSound™ to hear how these innovations fit in with WIDEX’s mission to bring the most natural sound to anyone with hearing loss.

Same price no matter what style!


RIC 10

RIC 312 D




The WIDEX Moment™ App

With WIDEX MOMENT™, you have the option to fully control your hearing aid using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. It’s never been easier to fine-tune your hearing, so you get exactly the sound you prefer – in exactly the moments that are important to you.

Smart development and testing make for an easy, intuitive user experience. And dark mode appearance ensures discreet use.

Order Widex Moment today, starting at just $800 per instrument!

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Included with every hearing aid purchase:

  • Hearing Aid fitting
  • 60-day evaluation period
  • 1 year of follow-up service*
  • 2-year supply of batteries, up to 128 cells per hearing aid**
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty, including repair, loss and damage

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* Routine services during 1st year are with original provider. Any services during the 1st year that are not administered by the original provider are subject to charges at the provider’s discretion

** A supply of batteries only available for non-rechargeable models