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    Wide selection of top digital hearing aids

    Hearing Revolution offers a variety of styles of hearing aids, from major manufacturers.  We work with you to find a device that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

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    Never miss another moment

    You’ll never have to miss another moment with a hearing aid from Hearing Revolution.  Our prices are affordable and our program is simple and transparent for the patient!

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    One year of batteries and FREE shipping included

    Each order comes with a one year supply of batteries, and we’ll cover the shipping costs!

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    Call Today!

    Our Hearing Care Specialists are available to answer your questions and schedule an appointment at a location that’s convenient for you. Call now at 877-426-0687

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    Speak with a Doctor of Audiology Today!

    Call today to speak with our Doctor of Audiology. Learn more about our products and hearing loss.

Hearing Revolution News

Hearing Revolution's Blog

What is a loop system and how does it work?

A hearing loop system is an assistive listening device that helps people with hearing aids and telecoils to hear the sound from a source (television, microphone, speakers, etc) directly through a magnetic signal that will broadcast to the telecoil in the hearing aids.  Many theatres, places of worship, auditoriums, and[...]

Hearing Revolution's Blog

How to care for your hearing aids

If you are considering purchasing a hearing aid, or you are a new hearing aid wearer, all the information can be daunting and overwhelming!  There are a lot of things to remember, but wearing and taking care of a hearing aid does not have to be complicated.  That said, there[...]

Hearing Revolution's Blog

Introducing the Oticon Ria and Ria Pro

New from Oticon is the Ria, an entry level instrument that is built on the same platform as the very popular Oticon Alta line and Nera line.  Ria boasts a number of useful features at an affordable and economical price to the patient.   There is no longer a sacrifice of[...]


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