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Our Mission

Hearing Revolution was founded in response to the need for change in the hearing care world. With 30 years combined experience in hearing healthcare, Hearing Revolution strives to provide the best quality hearing care and hearing instruments at the most reasonable price available on the market today.

Hearing Revolution is built on four principles which form the foundation for Hearing Revolution’s philosophy:

Hearing Revolution’s network of hearing care specialists are carefully selected for the consistent quality hearing care they provide to patients. Hearing Revolution guarantees quality in patient care, product, warranty and support.

Hearing Revolution leaves the hearing care to the specialist and handles the business transactions for the provider and the patient. This way the patient gets the best possible care – no conflict of interest. The purchasing model is also simple – providing you with an all inclusive experience.

Hearing Revolution seeks to educate people on the specifics of hearing loss, the implications, the solutions, and the challenges. Hearing Revolution believes that an educated patient will be a happy patient. No surprises, the right level of hearing aid functionality and sophistication for each patient.

Hearing Revolution’s networked buying power provides the best possible price for the patient. Independent providers may not buy sufficient quantities to get the best pricing from the manufacturers. Hearing Revolution is able to use volume purchasing to obtain and pass-on the best pricing available in the market place; this combined with quality hearing care provides the best value for the client.